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Our team can call on is diverse and plentiful knowledge, with competencies in manufacturing, art & design, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, public sector and hospitality.

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Our Story

At the heart of all our operations is sustainability based on People, Planet, Profit.
Sustainable employment for employees who are constantly upskilling their knowledge and awareness.
Well trained employees help improve business performance and contribute to their own and the company's growth and development. 
Businesses need sustainable raw materials and resources with an environment that is thriving and not continually under pressure.
Employment practices must protect and invest in the workforce everywhere in the supply chain.
The local and global environment is vitally important to business growth and reductions to waste, good stewardship of raw materials and lower energy usage are positive drivers to bottom-line figures.

The Enable Team

At Enable Academy our contributors and course designers come from all levels of business, from the shop-floor to the boardroom of award winning companies. The team also includes education professionals with expertise in academic qualifications and vocational studies. Click here to view some of our Qualifications & Experience.

Our Vision: To be truly sustainable aim to:-

  • Be legally compliant as a minimum. 
  • Behave responsibly towards employees  and others. 
  • Act ethically in all dealings. 
  • Deal morally in procurement. 
  • Use best practice. 
  • Value the environment 

Time Efficient

With our background in industry we realise the pressure on businesses, especially SMEs on sending staff on courses, where the travel and accommodation amount to both more expensive and takes longer that the course itself. Enable allows awareness  of business fundamentals and principles to be gained in concise and time effective programmes.

Managing for the Future

Embracing new methods of working in a flexible manner in times of continuing change. Is critical for operating  effectively and efficiently


The true integration of business activities  into a system of cross-cutting processes is vital to achieve the full benefit of management controls.










What Our Students Have to Say

Ease of access, well presented and clear. It filled in gaps in my learning, in a quick and easy manner. Pleased to receive my certificate.
Senior IT practitioner
Straightforward and simple to navigate, happy to recommend the H&S Basics course. What I required, in a streamlined package which covered all the essential topics.
Medical Professional
Great, easy to follow. Detailed but focuses on the important factors without waffle. Ideal for my busy role. I have signed up some of my colleagues to develop their knowledge.
Office Manager
Told me what I needed to know, in a no nonsense style, the approach suited my way of working. The multiple choice tests were fair and totally relevant to the courses I enrolled on.
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