Business Essentials

At Enable ACADEMY our contributors and course designers come from all levels of business; from the shop-floor to the boardroom of award winning companies. The team also includes education professionals with expertise in academic qualifications and vocational studies.

Our Story

At the heart of all our operations is sustainability based on People, Planet, Profit. Sustainable employment for employees who are constantly upskilling their knowledge and awareness.

Well trained people improve business performance and contribute to their own and the company’s growth and development. Businesses need sustainable raw materials and resources with an environment that is thriving and not continually under pressure. Employment practices must protect and invest in the workforce everywhere in the supply chain. The local and global environment is vitally important to business growth; and reductions to waste, good stewardship of raw materials and lower energy usage are positive drivers to bottom-line figures.

About Our Courses

Our competitively costed short courses are priced to express the level of detail and steps within the course. It should be possible to complete our courses within two hours; gaining awareness and understanding across a range of subjects and topics. The multiple choice tests are a straightforward way of proving the knowledge you have gained. Check out our FREE Safety Signs & Signals Taster course and blogs.

Practical Resources

Our courses include easy to follow summaries at the end of each section; a test to confirm your knowledge and a completion certificate. In addition, all courses include a practical check-list or template (in the form of a free downloadable, interactive PDF) enabling you to translate some of what you have learned into immediate practical use.

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