Safety Signs & Signals Taster

This free course is part of our popular Health & Safety Basic course and is intended as a short introduction to our courses.

Workplace signage is a vital means of communication to warn, inform and instruct workers to specific action, danger or procedure. These signs are regulated by the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, which lays out specific colours and shapes of signboards used in UK work places.

The colour coding is an immediate visual alert to a situation or condition which requires certain actions or understanding. The signs are designed to keep staff members fully aware of their environment and the hazards around them, and the actions they need to follow to stay safe. There are also specific rules governing the use of Illuminated signs, flashing signs and acoustic signals.

It is critical that employers make sure that their staff are aware of safety signs that are displayed in the workplace and that they understand the meaning of the signage. Companies must supply training as necessary to ensure that workers have the required knowledge, particularly new starters, and young less experienced employees.

You should read each lesson page before progressing through all the associated topics, clicking “complete” as you navigate onto the following lessons. After completing all lessons and topics you will reach the test page. If you wish to receive a certificate at the end of this course you will be required to sit this short test to confirm the awareness you have gained from the major parts of the course. 

It is recommended that you keep your own notes as you navigate through the course in preparation for the 12 question multiple choice test (to enable you to be awarded a certificate).  You will be able to move back and forth between lessons and topics at any time during the course and re-read it fully if desired (prior to the test). There is no time limit for reviewing the course, but there is a  time constraint for the test of 10 minutes.  The pass mark is 80% and you will be allowed one re-sit opportunity. 

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