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Fire safety is vital for all organisations, regardless of their size. The latest UK figures show that 18% of fire-related fatalities were in non- dwelling fires, though overall figures show a significant decline on the previous decades it is still worryingly high.  The costs of fire are extremely high in terms of lives lost, injuries and property damaged. These can be made worse for business by legal prosecutions and fines. Some recent high profile cases have led to massive fines for companies.

Many of those who have breached the fire regulations did so due to obstructed escape routes and fire exits and malfunctioning fire doors. It is extremely demanding to return to normal business operations after a fire. Many businesses never manage to return to the same level of performance, some even close as a result.

As well as the fundamentals of fire safety the course also covers fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers; fire hoses; fire blankets; sprinkler systems; smoke alarms and heat detectors and passive fire protection e. g fire doors, emergency lighting, refuge points and fire routes.

In the Course Summary you will find a link to an interactive checklist, which can be either printed out and filled in manually or downloaded to complete on your own device. 

Course Progress

You should read each lesson page before progressing through all the associated topics, clicking “complete” as you navigate onto the following lessons. After completing all lessons and topics you will reach the test page. To receive a certificate at the end of this course you will need to pass this short test. This is to confirm the awareness you have gained from the major parts of the course. 

We recommend that you keep your own notes as you navigate through the course in preparation for the 12-question multiple choice test.  You will be able to move back and forth between lessons and topics at any time during the course and re-read it fully if desired. There is no time limit for reviewing the course. But there is a time constraint for the test of 15 minutes.  The pass mark is 80% and you are allowed two re-sit opportunities. 


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