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The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, is the principal legislation dealing with occupational health and safety in the UK. Within its sections it lays out general duties employers have to their employees and members of the public; the responsibilities employees have to themselves and others. It also includes the duties of the self-employed to themselves and others.

As an Act of Parliament it grants the Health and Safety Executive, widespread powers of enforcement, supported by criminal proceedings. ranging from unlimited fines to up to two years in prison for those found to be in breach of the Act.

This course will explain what organisation are required to do to protect their employees and others that could be potentially affected by their commercial operations.

The course is suitable for those new to Health and Safety and companies wishing to update their Health and Safety provision.  Within the lessons candidates will be guided through all the necessary steps of legal compliance and obligations.

It will cover policy; assessments; criminal and civil law; welfare arrangements; first aid and the reporting of accidents; dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases; the main regulations governing workplace activities and the provision of training. information and instruction.

In the Course Summary you will find a link to an interactive checklist, which can be either printed out and filled in manually or downloaded to complete on your own device. 

Course Progress

You should read each lesson page before progressing through all the associated topics, clicking “complete” as you navigate onto the following lessons. After completing all lessons and topics you will reach the test page. To receive a certificate at the end of this course you will need to pass this short test. This is to confirm the awareness you have gained from the major parts of the course. 

We recommend that you keep your own notes as you navigate through the course in preparation for the 12-question multiple choice test.  You will be able to move back and forth between lessons and topics at any time during the course and re-read it fully if desired. There is no time limit for reviewing the course. But there is a time constraint for the test of 15 minutes.  The pass mark is 80% and you are allowed two re-sit opportunities. 


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