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You only get one chance to make a first impression. A competent and skilled workforce is the most crucial business resource that a Company can invest in. Staff induction is a vital component of introducing new starters to a Company and acquainting them with the organisation’s operations and culture. Getting this process correct is invaluable for new employees gaining important knowledge about how the business functions. It will also increases the speed that they will become a productive member of staff.

It has been proven that a comprehensive, and properly planned induction process improves staff retention. Because, a well strutured induction creates a lasting positive impression of the Company and its working practices.  Induction provides an opportunity to set out the Company’s ethos and build on the candidates positive mindset and enthusiasm for their new position.

New Starter Categorgies

Companies should consider what type of new recruit is to be inducted. There are four main categories of new starters;

  • those joining directly from school or college, without any, or very little work experience;
  • new recruits re-joining the world of work, after time away from the workplace;
  • those coming in from a different commercial or industrial sector, or from overseas;
  • experienced individuals joining the Company from an alike business background;
  • new starters with special needs.

Key Factors

  • new staff should be introduced to their colleagues, other relevant members of the wider workforce
  • and their immediate supervisor or line manager.
  • new recruits need to be made aware of the Company’s policies in areas such as safety, environmental practices, and equality & diversity.

Course Progress

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An Induction Checklist accompanies this course. This will enable new employees to complete their own individual induction, based on the their companies policies and procedures. Click the link in the Course Summary.

We recommend that you keep your own notes as you navigate through the course in preparation for the 20-question multiple choice test.  You will be able to move back and forth between the sections and topics at any time during the course. This will enable re-reading in full if desired. There is no time limit for reading the course, but there is a  time constraint for the test of 15 minutes.  The pass mark is 80% and you will be allowed two re-sit opportunities. 

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