Safety Signs and Signals – Multiple Choice Test

Now is the time to show the information you have gained by sitting a short multiple choice test of 10 questions. There is only one correct answer (unless stated otherwise in the question) and all questions relate to the course material. To make you feel more comfortable and confident consider re-reading the course, either completely or just selected topics to reinforce your understanding. Review your notes.

There is a time limit of 10 minutes to complete the test and all questions must be answered. You will be allowed one re-sit.

The pass mark is 80%. On passing the quiz you will automatically be awarded your certificate, as a PDF file for you to download.

We wish you the best of luck in the test and hope to welcome you back to the site for future courses.

PLEASE NOTE: For your certificate to be personalised, you should ensure you have completed your profile (including your first name and last name – as you would wish it to appear on your certificate). Click here to view or edit your profile >

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